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2011-11-05 17:57:31 by fmaftw

Today, I realized something. Humans may cry over a dolphin being killed, but they won't cry over a pig being killed. It's the same on a more personal level. If you had to choose between your life or a total stranger's life, you would choose yours, because your mind has a heirarchy of importance for people, animals, even objects. Secondly, how many lives have you taken to get to where you are now? If you eat meat, then that's one life lost everytime you eat it. If you shop at wal-mart, then one Chinese or Idian sweatshop worker has worked sixteen hours to get that to the shop. We don't realize how lucky we are, the 60 million who have acess to the internet and living in developed countries. I hope my message reaches someone out there, and if so, they do something about it.
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2011-04-18 10:29:53 by fmaftw

i am all alone....ALONE...ALONEALONE!!! nobody loves me....:'(

Victim 2 (part 1)

2011-03-29 20:28:29 by fmaftw

Victim 2 (part 1)
42 Queen Street, Glebe NSW 2037*,Sydney, Australia. 2006
"Dammit, I'm bored," I complain to Zachary, the werewolfen tribemaster says. He's also my master. He teaches me the ways of the werewolve...or something.
"You're always bored on the new moon." Zachary replies.The new moon is when werewolves are at their least powerful. "Why don't you go hunting?" asks Zachary.
"With a bow and arrows? How dishonorable! You are going against your own teachings? You are a disgrace to your subordinates, Tribemaster." I poke fun at him.
Zachary is sitting at the computer screen learning how to type. I am sitting at the ratty couch we own. The computer is behind me so I turn my head upside down over the baseboard to look at him.
"Sigh. How did I get stuck with the likes of you?" He asks no one.
"Luck of the draw." I mean that literally. Werewolves are given status based on a roll of a twenty sided die. If you got a 1, you were to become the next Tribemaster. A 2 would be Tribemaster's Assisstant, and so on, with the worst roll being 20. I smile evilly at Zachary.
"Dammit, Shannon! Go meditate in the study or something!"Zachary throws a loose brick at me that he pried from the wall. I dodge while laghing, but do what he says, because ,if he really hated me, he could have me killed for no reason. Zachary tends to throw what's nearest to him when he's angry, which is why he threw that brick.
In the study, I sit on the ground, looking up at the pictures hanging on the wall. The pictures are portraits of former werewolfen Tribemasters.
As I close my eyes, I begin meditating the way Zachary taught me: Think of who you are, who you're not, and who you want to be. Create an image of one's self by describing your life, Zachary told me, all those years ago when I was just ten.
I begin with the first thing: Who am I? I am Shannon Wilde*, future Tribemaster. I was born in 1990 on the fourth day of the first month. Six years ago, I won the Roll Ceremony. I have trained under Tribemaster Zachary for those six years. Every Tribemaster has to dye their hair bleach blonde as a recognition thing, but I do not appreciate being called a slut. I can't remember my original hair color. I have lived in Japan, America, Egypt, and Poland with Tribemaster Zachary. I miss my family, even though we never had very good social status among werewolves because their numbers were 15 and 17. I especially miss my sister, Summer Brooke*, because we're twins and because her roll was a 13. I am the way I am because I loved me.
Who am I not? This one is easy. I am not a vampire, slayer, or Caster. I am not evil or good. I am not a boy. I am not my parent's mistake. I am not going to rule the world.
Who I want to be? I want to be my parent's gift. I want to save the world. I want to be the change I want to see in the world. I want to save the world. I want to save the world. IwanttosavetheworldIwanttosavetheworld Iwanttosavetheworld!
End Part 1
*Note: the asterisks indicate that a name or place is real but is used ficticiously.
Tell me what you think of Shannon. I've never written about werewolves so I hope it's alright. Please comment :)
Eternally yours,

i have some jokes for you.

2011-03-26 16:44:33 by fmaftw

Crazy Awesome: It is the general consensus that if Guild Wars 2 doesn't suck, it will be this.
Crowning Moment Of Funny: What do paragons and drunkards have in common? They both run around with no pants, shouting at people!
Dark Is Not Evil: Neither the Necromancers or their divine patron, Grenth, is at all evil, and in Grenth's case, he's the usurper of a definitely corrupt deity, and he himself has no power over death, being advertised rather as a god of justice. Though, during Wintersday, Grenth can be kind of a dick.
Ritualists as well. Ritualists cast spells by binding angry spirits with ethereal chains or channeling the raw anger of dead souls, but much like Necromancers, can be perfectly heroic people. Heck, Master Togo is a Ritualist, and he's arguably the nicest guy in the entire Factions campaign!
Deader Than Dead: Banned players. When a person's account is banned, they are visited by Dhuum, old god of death, specifically of death eternal. He appears before them and, with a unique skill called "Vengeance Is Ours", cuts them down with his scythe, sets them on fire, and transports their soul to a prison in the underworld. As the skill used to do this says, "Ressurrection skills won't help you. Your account is banned." Let it never be said that Arena Net doesn't have a sense of style when it comes to banning people.
Death Mountain: The Ring of Fire Islands. Oddly, the extreme heat doesn't seem to bother anyone.
Somehow, Mhenlo, the pleasant, upstanding, and good-hearted monk. Even he doesn't seem to understand why he's so pimptastic.
This really gets on Cynn's nerves in Factions, where everywhere Mhenlo goes he seems to run into another attractive young woman he knew way back when he was studying under Master Togo in the old days.
some of these are hard to understand if you haven't played the game but the others are hilarious w/out the knowledge of the game.

I need some help from my Viewers.

2011-03-26 01:21:05 by fmaftw

I need help finding a good name for my short stories. I have gone from The Real World to Victim 1,2,3,etc. I would appreciate it if anyone could give me some ideas. I am terrible at names (which is partly why I am dropping my grades at reading, even though it's my favorite subject). If you have any suggestions please post them! :)

Victim 1 (part 2)

2011-03-26 01:12:39 by fmaftw

Victim 1 (part 2)
"Who are you?" I shout across the clearing. "What do you want?"
"I will be the one to save the world from your kind." the man says condescendingly. "Will you come quietly?"
"As if!"
The man says, "Very well, then," the man snaps his fingers. Out of nowhere, at least a dozen soldiers in red Halo outfits burst through the trees. They hold guns that are red, double-barreled, and large. The man snaps his fingers again. The soldiers aim their crosshairs at Alice.
I realize what is happening all too late.
Not a second later, Alice is on the forest floor bleeding from several wounds.
NO! I think. How could I have been so narrow-minded? Me!?
I fall to the ground, tears streaming freely from his eyes. Two heart beats pass, and Alice is dead (not like the Newgrounds game).
I couldn't save her, I think, not with all of my magic, I couldn't save one human.
"Will you come quietly now?" the man asks.
"Yes," I whisper.
"What was that? I couldn't hear you," the man taunts me.
"Yes!"I shout as I stand up.
"Drop all weapons, hold out your wrists, and walk here," The man says. I comply because all the soldiers are pointing their guns at me, although I wasn't holding any weapons. When I reach the man, he pulls a pair of handcuffs from his overcoat pocket. He puts them around my writs and I realize that these aren't normal handcuffs. When they made contact with my skin, they wrapped around it snuggly.
I've lost all hope. The one person I loved the most is gone.
Two soldiers follow behind me as the me towards the truck. I feel a strange presence emanating from it which I've come to realize was shards of silver infused into the three layers of steel that encase the trunk.
Another soldier opens the back door and the ones behind me push me inside.
The back of the truck has two benches on the length-wise side with a grate leading to the cabin on the far wide-wise side of it. It's all grey and dreary, as if they want me to feel even worse than how I already feel.
I sit on the right bench as the door closes behind me. I begin ticking off what I know and how I can use it to my advantage:
A.) The walls of this car are lined with silver and some bad @zz metals. (this doesn't help at all...)
B.) I have seen people I love die. That makes me guiltless. (I can kill without remorse)
C.) No one knows I am captured. (No one will come looking for me for a while)
D.)The leader is older. He's not as fast as me. (I will beat him easily in hand-to-hand combat)
So all in all, I have little to nothing. Well, the pros are more than the cons. See the figure below.
I sigh as I contemplate my new life. The leader says I'm the 'first of my population' so I guess I'm going to be stuck with this crack-head until he brings others. I guess I am stuck with sarchastic and condescending comments for the next few moments.
Whatever lies ahead, at least my people are safe. For now...
End Part 2
Wow, I am posting this really late, so if the quality seems a little off, please forgive me. Hey, maybe if I am lucky I can get these little stories published. I'm glad I got another installment in. For now this is the end of Roth's story. I will write about other Supernaturals affected by this but will eventually come back to Roth. I'm already writing the storyboard for it.
Eternally yours,

Victim 1 (part 1)

2011-03-22 21:58:28 by fmaftw

Okay. This week's post and others in the future will be like a story. I will have it in each week's post. This story is mine and mine alone.

The Real World (part 1)
I am walking through Epping Forest with my human girlfriend. Sadly, I will have to dump her soon because she is human and i am a Caster.
A Caster is a magical being, like a witch or wizard, but can have a variety of skills ranging from Aerokinesis to Telekinesis. The best Casters were called National Casters and had a tatoo on their left shoulder. I am heir to the Caster throne if my younger sister doesn't come back from America.
My girlfriend is cute, getting a doctorate at Cambridge, and just being an all-around cool person. She had bleach blonde hair, caramel coloured eyes, and was one of the most beautiful things I had ever seen. Her name was Alice.
Everything was right in the Supernatural world. The werewolves weren't attacking people randomly, the Slayers were only killing those who had actually done something wrong, and the vampires were keeping to their HQ and not bothering anybody. Yep, things were going pretty good for my life. Until this one day. This day turned everyone's lives upside down.
When Alice and I reach a clearing, we stop.
"Roth," begins Alice, "I really like you. Your so nice it's impossible to believe you're human." she laughs nervously.
I laugh with equal nervousness. But it's not because I'm nervous about Alice finding out I'm a Caster. It's because I sense something isn't right.
And from the darkness of the surrounding forest, a single grey UPS truck without the insignia bursts through the forest. Alice is screaming. I step in front of her as if to protect her from what might come from the truck. But what comes from it isn't what I expected.
It's a frail, old man dressed like a sixty year old Dracula: black,red, and white suit, black, wide-rimmed hat, long white hair underneath the hat, and pure white gloves.
"Caster." the man says, his voice flowing like liquid silver, which is poisonous to Casters. "You will be the first among all of your population."
"What?" whispers Alice. " 'Caster?' "
"Magic person. It's what I am. I need you to run." I reply.
"No flippin' way. I love you too much. I will folow you to the depths of Hell." Alice says defiantly.
"Nanda?" I say in Japanese. It means what. "Are you prepared to take the consequences?"
End Part 1
Hope you liked it. Please leave constructive comments.
Eternally yours,


2011-03-20 15:08:40 by fmaftw

If you are reading this then please leave a comment. I will post once every week if i am lucky. If more people begin reading this, I will post more often. For every comment I will respond at least once unless it is to degrade me or others, be racist, sexist, etc., or to talk about how blue the sky was. If anyone posts comments to degrade me or others or be racist, sexist, etc., then theyWILL be deleted. As a reminder, please leave a comment. I want to hear what the people have to say.

PS. Sooner or later I will post artwork.

Eternally yours,
fmaftw, or as you may call me, Marishka