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2011-11-05 17:57:31 by fmaftw

Today, I realized something. Humans may cry over a dolphin being killed, but they won't cry over a pig being killed. It's the same on a more personal level. If you had to choose between your life or a total stranger's life, you would choose yours, because your mind has a heirarchy of importance for people, animals, even objects. Secondly, how many lives have you taken to get to where you are now? If you eat meat, then that's one life lost everytime you eat it. If you shop at wal-mart, then one Chinese or Idian sweatshop worker has worked sixteen hours to get that to the shop. We don't realize how lucky we are, the 60 million who have acess to the internet and living in developed countries. I hope my message reaches someone out there, and if so, they do something about it.
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